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Frequently Asked Questions

ExiLi is a URL customization service geared towards brand building and driving conversions through sharing links.

With ExiLi, you can 

  • personalize any web page link
  • add a customized call-to-action
  • share it quickly through Twitter Auto Branding
  • track all your shared links’ stats in an easy-to-use dashboard

You can sign up using an email address or by signing in with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Once logged in, you will be taken to your account Dashboard and be able to use our tools and customize your account theme according to your preferences.

We offer a wide range of options for you to customize and share your URLs. By using ExiLi, you can easily shorten and brand the links you share through Twitter and other social media platforms by using our ExiLi Bookmarklet.

You’ll also be able to add a call-to-action or Promo Bar (which is discussed below) that will help you increase your leads and web traffic.

All these links will then be saved on your Dashboard where you will be able to access and track them to better plan out your marketing actions.

At ExiLi, you can customize your links in three ways.

  • 1. Activating auto branding. To activate, click on Settings and select the ‘on’ button in auto brand.
  • 2. Install ExiLi Bookmarklet in your browser.
  • 3. Manually copy URLs to the ExiLi homepage, and share away.

Call-to-actions are custom ExiLi pop ups that you can add on any webpage to help your viewers link back to your website or promo links.

By using our auto-branding feature, all your shared URLs over Twitter will be branded automatically. Auto-branding will not only help you increase your click-through-rates but will also raise brand awareness.

Promo Bar is a custom panel similar to a pop-up, which may contain additional info / your bio and other personal data / promotional offers / blog and site links, etc., and is used to engage online visitors and essentially drive your conversions and web traffic.

To set your ExiLi bio, click on Settings on your account Dashboard and fill in the space for the Bio — the info you place there will appear in our Promo Bar.

Some URL’s do not allow shortening of their links and hence those URL’s cannot be shortened.

A Click is when a user clicks on your shortened ExILi link. So depending on the plan you chose these clicks count towards that.